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COVID-19 Updates

By Albyn Housing | 17 December 2021

17 December 2021 Dear Tenants, We want to reassure you that we aim to deliver the best possible services in the current COVID-19 outbreak. In these highly unusual times, our foremost concerns are the health and safety of our customers, families, staff, and contractors/suppliers. As you will be aware, there is concerns surrounding the surge […]

Gambling Support Services

By Albyn Housing | 30 September 2021

Gambling Support Services Gambling can become a serious problem, with impact on personal, family, and community life. From betting on football to purchasing lottery tickets, betting shops, licensed arcades, casinos, and bingo premises, it can feel like gambling has a presence everywhere. As our digital world continues to grow, gambling has reached new heights, such […]

Rent Choices consultation 2020/2021

By Albyn Housing | 12 December 2019

Tenant Consultation – Rent Choices for 2020/2021 RENT CHOICES FOR 2020/21 We deliver housing services to over 3,300 tenants across the Scottish Highlands. We want to continue to improve, develop and manage our homes across the area. Our Business Plan sets out our goals of investing in our current housing stock, developing new homes and […]

Information request form

By Albyn Housing | 24 October 2019

Information request form  

Access to information

By Albyn Housing | 23 October 2019

Access to information Publication Scheme Access information about the way we work, our services and our decisions How you can access information Access information about you and the environmental information we hold

Environmental information

By Albyn Housing | 23 October 2019

Environmental information The Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004 (“the regulations”) gives the public the right to access environmental information we hold. Environmental information covers a broad range of topics. To find out what is covered, visit the Scottish Information Commissioner. How to make an Environmental Information Request Expand Our guide to information we publish includes the […]

Subject Access Request

By Albyn Housing | 23 October 2019

Subject Access Request The Data Protection Act 2018 gives rights to people about how we hold information and gives us a responsibilities regarding that information. Helping you to find out what personal information we hold about you, why we hold it and who we disclose it to is fundamental to good information handling practice. What […]

How you can access information

By Albyn Housing | 23 October 2019

How you can access information There are a number of ways which give you the right to access information held by Albyn Housing. This includes making a subject access request or an Environmental Information Request

About our publication scheme

By Albyn Housing | 23 October 2019

Guide to information available through the Publication Scheme The Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 (referred to as FOISA) requires Scottish housing associations/co-operatives to produce and maintain a publication scheme of information. As a public authority, the Albyn Group are under a legal obligation to: publish the classes of information that they make routinely available; advise the […]

Guide to the information we publish

By Albyn Housing | 23 October 2019

Guide to the information we publish This guide organises our published information under nine classes. In using these nine classes we are following the Scottish Information Commissioner‘s model Publication Scheme and applying its guidance. If you have any questions, queries or suggestions about how to improve our published information or this guide, please email our Corporate […]